Showing Interest – March 19th, 2013

Once you have found something of interest to swap for, you have 3 options – you can either Show interest, Make a proposal or Ask a question. So, what’s the difference between Show interest and Make a proposal?


When you Show interest, you are looking to see if anything you have to offer appeals to the other user. Showing interest is a non-binding way to start communicating and showing the other person what you can offer for their item. When you Show interest you are able to select as many or few of your listings to show the other user and there is an area where you can add a message that you think may help a deal progress.



Once you have sent your Show of interest, the other member will get a Swapz message telling them you are interested.



Within the swapz message is a blue link that will take you to see what item(s) they are prepared to offer for yours.

At this point you can reject their show of interest or you can view the full item details by clicking on the thumbnail image.



If you like what they have offered simply reply to their swapz message and ask them to make a Proposal.

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