Weapons – A Reminder – May 16th, 2013

Swapz has a no weapons policy. This was shaped and requested by our community in 2006 and has been in place ever since.

Weapons include:


Air weapons of any sort: rifle, pistol, airsoft

Bushcraft, survival and martial arts knives

Swords, coshes, knuckle dusters

Plus anything else considered a weapon by our Legal Advisors

Our community is not full of rules, but in the early days of the site, the community itself asked for weapons to be banned because of concerns that the person selling or swapping them never really knows whose hands they fall into.

We know that air rifles, pistols and airsoft weapons are legal to buy once you prove your age and identity to the retailer. Anyone swapping or selling a used air weapon is liable to a fine of at least £1,000+ if they cannot prove beyond reasonable doubt that they took the necessary precautions to verify both age and identity of the person they sold or swapped the weapon with.

Swapz wants – and will strive to achieve – a weapon free site. Users that insist on listing these items will be removed from the site as, by listing their weapons they encourage other users to do so too.

Please continue help us all to make this a weapon free site and community.

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19 Responses to “Weapons – A Reminder”

  1. Shaun says:

    Hear hear…. Well said and hope those that choose to list weapons understand that when they fall in to the wrong hands, the damage they can cause.
    I know this from personal experience and wouldn’t wish anyone to go through what my family did.
    Zero tolerance to these listings and account removal should be common practice, regardless of tenure, swaps achieved or Premium membership
    Makes for a much safe and enjoyable environment.
    And those that continue time and time again to list these weapons should stop lying when they say they have read the rules and accept the site as it is.
    There are plenty of other sites, free to use and list your weaponry and you should seek them out and use them

  2. chris says:

    no guns no hassle its simple

  3. fred says:

    At last the MAIN page has a Weapon Warning..!!!
    Most of the members never Read or Understand the Terms n Conditions Laid down by Swapz. If they Did No one would advertise there Weapons of any shape or form they are. ie, Knuckle Dusters..Swords,Knives, Rifles.. Like it or Not. Use the sites that cater for these items. Rules are Rules in this day and age. and people like breaking them. So they can face the out come and be banned from swapz. FULL STOP TO IT.. Well done Swapz Team..

  4. sickas says:

    i agree no weapons on this site or anything related to weapons … there are plenty of other sites for them , as there is a warning on main page now it would be good if on the report item there was something saying weapons so then it gets removed and the user sorted quicker ,just an idea mind , but once again thumbs up to the team for get this sorted and of the site

    keep up the good work

    regards sickas

  5. brian says:

    it seems the swapz Nazis are at it again, censoring items which are not illegal in the u.k also censoring freedom of speech and just about anything else they don’t agree with,

    who is the legal advisor by the way??? anyone know?? I smell bullshit!!

  6. Andy says:

    I don’t think your warning is affective as actually removing them instantly as i have seen weapons on the site today on the main page that have been reported yet sit there for hours?

    Maybe to let by the time you deal with it you should come up with a system that recognizes these adds i.e wordings ect.

    Just my opinion

  7. admin says:

    brian – we make it clear in the post that we know the items are legal – we also make it clear why they are banned from swapz. You may want to actually read the whole thing!

    There are sites that let you sell and swap guns – not too many and, of course, they are not free. If you have no qualms about who you pass a weapon on to try other sites but swapz will not be changing its stance.

    Our Legal advisors are from a firm of lawyers we employ for advice on many topics..

  8. Shaun says:

    Absolutely admin…the site rules have been there for ALL to see and to act upon. Those that choose not to read the rules can only expect their ads to be removed and in time, hopefully their accounts too as there are far too many who continually and repeatedly list banned items.
    Should be a case of three strikes at mosey and you’re out !!!!
    Regardless of how long you’ve been a member, Premium Membership or how many Swapz you’ve done, rules are rules and whether the items are legal or not, it’s entirely down to the sites admin as to what rules they instigate…END OF STORY

  9. philip says:

    when the main page states no weapons of any type THAT MEANS ANYTHING WEAPON WISE but ive seen various 22 air rifes,swords,etc WHY

  10. admin says:

    philip: because there are a certain group of people who feel the rules do not apply to them – this is why we have highlighted the issue on the homepage and hope the community as whole will back us and continually make these culprits aware that they are watched, reported and their actions completely wrong!

  11. totally agreed on the no weapons policy.

  12. brian says:

    as I stated in my last post(the one which you strangely never posted??) I have no problem with the policy on weapons, but if you try to define a weapon you will see that it is an item or object that can be used to kill or maim, you don’t allow airguns, swords ..etc, but allow kitchen knifes, death trap cars and bikes as well as tools which can be readily used or converted to kill or cause injury.

    whos says a fishing pen knife is more dangerous than a chefs knife??, more people are killed each year by cars and motorbikes, or DIY accidents than with so-called weapons, most stabbings or murders are caused by the use of domestic knifes from kitchens, and diy tools. ive still to hear a case were anyone is killed or seriously injured by a paintball gun or multitool!!.

    im sure this post will be deleted, just like my last one, simply because what im saying is the truth!! a weapon ban should meant just that! ALL weapons not just the ones you choose.

    I wont be posting anymore responses to this subject as your reasoning is clearly bias, and there is no getting through to people like you. whatever I say youll just keep spouting the same stuff or make threats to delete my account etc.

  13. Chris says:

    Good policy. Why won’t you do the same thing with tattoo equipment? Most people who are not registered tattoo artists working in registered premises have no idea about blood Bourne pathogens, sterilisation hygiene or even tattooing itself. Infections through blood include HIV, hepatitis, any std etc and can be passed on easily when instruments are not cleaned properly. Some of these diseases will take your life! And yet.. I still see tattoo equipment foe sale or swap on this site.

    What is your policy on unregistered people buying and selling tattoo equipment to other unregistered people?

  14. admin says:

    brian: some items are clearly defined as, and considered weapons by the laws of the land. Air weapons fall into this category.

    We have supplemented law with our own terms for our community’s website – as have many other sites too. You cannot find air weapons on eBay, Gumtree to name but two.

    You have your own opinions on what is dangerous or not based on your own relationship with what we consider unwanted on the swapz site. That is fine, and on your own site you can do what you wish with them.

    It is clear that weapons are a personal crusade of yours and that is fine, but making abusive posts privately or publicly as you have done, will not sway or stance.

    Now, it is your choice, and yours alone, if you stay on swapz accepting and following our rules – or you leave.

  15. sickas says:

    great answer admin

  16. Godfather says:

    Well said Sickas and. Swapz team

    • Godfather says:

      Thing is to Brian if your kid was killed by a gun fo this site how would you feel
      You would be calling for this site to be closed down I bet keep guns of this it’s there’s no need for them

  17. sickas says:

    come on guys keep reporting these adds then admin will remove them and the idiotsthat keep posting the same add over and over again ignoreing the rules blatantly

  18. shaun says:

    Think Admin should simply ban these people who keep on listing weaponry…particularly guns. No second chances…the home page Weapons reminder clearly being completely ignored by them…ban…no questions…especially the premium members who list guns…lose your ratings too eh…. needs to be more of a proactive deterrent rather than just removal…
    Slap on the wrists isn’t working with most and constantly seeing the same users/guns over and over again….why a second chance for them…they dont give a damn about the site and the rules, so why should admin give a damn about them?

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