Swapz 4 QA – Discussion – March 26th, 2013

Swapz 4 – Q&A

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8 Responses to “Swapz 4 QA – Discussion”

  1. sickasbeans says:

    hi like the answers tonight mostley but still no real answer to when chatz will be back we was told early in this week , its now early this week and still no chatz … tonight in the answers its now say’s back with us soon … plz bring chatz back makes for easy communication and plz give us a date/day it will be back on

    regards terry/sickasbeans

    great job on the site looks awesome :)

  2. jojo139 says:

    yes the new face lift is good but i think that more detail should be put into weeding out the crap on the site ie guns been swapped i have been a paid member of the site now 6 years and the site has gone down hill but then why listen to me because if i contact you regarding stuff no action is ever taking so i will not be wasting my money in supporting this site anymore

  3. http://prntscr.com/yexy3

    this is a bit poor.. why cant i search all the categories at once instead of having to do individual searches that takes a hell of a lot of time and i got bored and stopped searching.

    oh AND BRING BACK CHAT… yes chat is, or was a bit slow of late but you have new members joining here everyday that dont know it even exists and thats been the case for years and it shudnt have been.

    chat is well maintained with mods that keep it running fine but its been lacking THE ADVERTISEMENT it deserves.

    people cant use it if they dont know its there and we all know that a lot of swaps have been done in chat which is a good thing.

  4. Jackson says:

    could you have an option where i can type in my location and all the items in that specific area will come up.
    Kind Regards

  5. luke says:

    Don’t like the new swapz at all it never searches for the car I’m actually looking for, I type in ford and it shows every car but a ford

  6. Billy says:

    No news yet? Still can’t list any swaps

  7. dave2506 says:

    why do my items get deleted every hour ?

  8. jeff50 says:

    JOJO139. hi jojo sorry to hear your not happy with the site. yes it has been difficult for the team accepted. but please reconsider. i dont need to tell you what a great site we have here.all i can ask is that you stick with it. its really coming together now. please reconsider.

    of course the team listern to you. its just that with whats been going on they havent had the time etc to reply to all swappers. but your a good trusted member of this site and many many would hate to see you leave including myself.
    i would like to ask this from all swappers ie stick with it.its for our benifit at the end of the day?.take my word for it. i would never send any swapper down the wrong road so to speak. i can tell you all every single swapper on site if genuine is a valued swapper. in your case jojo your a little more than that to many swappers.

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