Listing an item – March 15th, 2013

Once you are logged in to, you can list an item either directly from the homepage by clicking on the blue NEW LISTING BUTTON


Or you can add it from the My Account > My Listings page


First you select whether the listing is for Something you have or Something you want. If you are listing something you have, it is at this point that you select whether it is a Swap item, an item for Sale or something you just want to Give away. You then choose which main category and subcategory your item belongs in. It is important to choose your category carefully as other members will be searching for items based on the category they belong in.

Following the simple on-screen instructions you will now give your listing a title, add a description, define the area of the country you live, add the name of your town or city and finally confirm your postcode. Other users do not see your postcode but it is used by the swapz system for calculating the mileage distance between swappers.

Next you the chance to add notes of what types of item you would like to get for yours. You also use the drop-down menu to show a value range for the item you are listing. Users who are more interested in getting something they want for something they no longer need tend to set the value at 1 penny – this shows the swap is more important that the item’s correct value.


Now it’s time to add images to your listing – you can add up to 8. You can do this by either clicking the Attach picture link and browsing your computer for files – or you can drag and drop an image file into the Drop files here area.

You now review your ad before either Listing it or saving it to Drafts. If you are Facebook Connected you can also post your listing to Facebook at the same time.

At any time during the process you can use the back button to change something you have previously chosen or written. Alternatively, you can edit a listing at any time in My Account > My Listings > Edit Info.



Finally, listings can only be made when you agree to and accept the swapz Listing Rules. These are linked from the foot of every page of the site. Ads that break our Listing Rules may be removed without any warning or notification.

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9 Responses to “Listing an item”

  1. k1llerbrit says:

    1/. What’s happened to the part where you can see how many people have looked at your item ? I use this regularly to check my listings and keep a record of for stat purposes.

    Please put this back….

    2/. As for the “friends” section, it’s wrong that you insist that you have got to have had a swap with someone in order to have them as a friend. You get to know people on here, and keeping in touch with them could/can be important for future swaps etc.

    Please re-think this carefully.

    3/. What are the benefits of being a “Premium” member ?
    Nothing i can see on here is showing me any “advantage” to being a subscriber . Everyone can do everything, so asking myself why i paid £15.00

  2. peter rodger says:

    will now work at all will not list ad or even let me send a report .?

  3. kagan says:

    this new swapz is crap i cant list anything cant upload pics its usless put it back to the way it was

  4. CHRIS says:

    i cant list anything, or add picture, need the old site back, it was better!!!!!!

  5. lee marshall says:

    Someone has accepted my swap but we don’t want to deal do I have to relist it and re type all my text?

  6. carlatony12 says:

    how do i edit an exsisting listing? its driving me mad.. dont like the new site. :-(

  7. Craig gillin says:

    How do I edit my listing this new site don’t work arrrrrrrrr

  8. craig says:

    omg i loved swapz and now nothing working and i need to find out were all my listings have gone took my ages typing all info and uploading pics !!!!!! gutted not even worth going on here now, why have they changed it???? have you heard of the saying why fix it if it not broke

  9. neil says:

    how do i edit a previous advert i made so i can try and put pictures on as site wont let me??? god this is crap!!!

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